Tipster Portfolio: September 2015 Update

Note: All results below are recorded to 1 point level stakes.

September has been fairly so-so with some of the tipsters doing pretty well and others not so.

Despite this, the portfolio still produced a small profit of 11.99pts profit bringing the portfolios total profit up to +311.39pts profit.

The biggest profit came from Quentin Franks Racing Tips with a total profit of +40.7pts for the month. This was closely followed by Value Racing Tips who made a profit of +36.05pts and then Master Racing Tips with a profit of +17.81pts.

The biggest loss this month came from Big Race Bookie Buster with a loss of -44.07 pts. Big Race Bookie Buster hasn’t been on form for the last few months now and if I don’t see an improvement this month, I may consider dropping it from the portfolio.

Racing Gold made a loss of -21.99 pts to BSP but it should also be noted that it would have made a profit of 16.43pts if following to the stakes advised in the tips emails and betting at the quoted Betfair exchange odds instead of SP. It has been shown in the past that the quoted odds average out to about the same as BSP over the long term so I wouldn’t worry too much about the difference this month, although I will be keeping an eye on it to see if this remains to be the case.

Here’s a full break down of this months results.


September 2015 Total: +11.99 points profit

You can view the full results for all these services dating back to June 2015 by downloading the spreadsheet on the portfolio page.