Tipster Portfolio: March 2017

winners odds portfolio results

Note: All results are recorded to 1 point level stakes.

We’re a quarter of the way through the year and the portfolio has already made a profit of 118.22 points for the year.

The total profit for this month was 14.09 points. Which isn’t the biggest of profits, but it’s not a loss either so I can’t complain.

This month I introduced Racing Gold back into my portfolio, and unfortunately the service had a bit of a poor month, with a loss of 29.04 points. However, Racing Gold has a long and profitable track record, so I’m confident the results will pick up over the coming months.

The biggest winner this month was the ever reliable Quentin Franks Racing, with a profit of 18.09 points. That makes it 14 winning months on the trot for this service. Quentin Franks is probably the most consistent racing tipster service I’ve ever used, and would be well worth adding to your own portfolio if you haven’t done so already.

Master Racing Tips made a profit of 16.75 points this month. Since adding this service to my portfolio in June 2015, MRT has averaged a profit of 16.12 points every month. There aren’t many other tipster service around that can deliver those kinds of results.

The Flat Racing Master has had a few rough months since I added it to my portfolio back in December. But this month saw a turn around in results with a total profit of 15.16 points. With the Flat Turf season starting today, hopefully we’ll see these kinds of results continue.

Value Racing Tips made a small loss of 6.87 points this month. This service has been a part of this portfolio since I started it back in June 2015. And for good reason. The service has averaged a profit of 10.89 points per month since then, and has 17 out of 22 winning months.

Here’s the monthly breakdown:

Monthly Breakdown

March 2017 Total: +14.09 points

You can view the full results for all these services dating back to June 2015 by downloading the spreadsheet on the portfolio page.