Tipster Portfolio: April 2017

winners odds portfolio running bankNote: All results recorded to 1 point level stakes.

Unfortunately April was not a great month for the portfolio as it made a small loss of 9.86 points.

This has been the portfolios first losing month in over 9 months, and only the 3rd losing month since the portfolio was put together back in May 2015.

April is a notoriously tricky month for betting as it marks the start of the new turf season, and their is very little in the way of recent form, making for a lot of unpredictable races. I’m confident we’ll see the portfolio return to its usual profitable ways in May.

The portfolios biggest winner this month was Master Racing Tips who made a small profit of 3.27 points.

This was followed by Quentin Franks Racing, who after a bad start to the month managed to turn things around and bring the service back to practically breaking even by the end of the month. A small profit of 0.63 points.

Value Racing Tips, Flat Racing Master and Racing Gold all made small losses this month of -2.67 points, 5.26 points, and -5.83 points.

Here’s the monthly breakdown:

Monthly Breakdown

April 2017 Total: -9.86 points

You can view the full results for all these services dating back to June 2015 by downloading the spreadsheet on the portfolio page.