Take the Smarkets Challenge


Smarkets has got to be my favorite betting exchange. And why is that? Simply put, they charge the lowest commission on winning bets than any other betting exchange. At Smarkets you only pay 2% on winning bets. That’s 2 and 1/2 times lower than Betfair! Smarkets are Copying Betfairs Odds And not only do they […]

What is a Betting Exchange?

betting exchange

A betting exchange is a website which allows it’s members to bet against each other instead of a bookmaker. On betting exchanges you can “back” and “lay” bets. To back a bet means to bet on a certain outcome. This is essentially the same as placing a bet with a bookie. To lay a bet […]

What is Sharbing?


Sharbing (shop -arbing) is a form of arbitrage betting where you place a bet at a brick and mortar bookmaker and lay the bet online to lock in a profit. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of arbitrage betting you can read my original article on the subject here. – How to Make Money […]

On the Ball Tips – Betting Gods

on the ball tips

*THIS SERVICE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.* On the Ball Tips is another tipster service on the Betting Gods website. The service covers a number of sports (Football, Tennis, NBA, NFL and MLB) and produces an average of 3 tips per day. On the Ball Tips has a strike rate of 55.23% and at the time […]

Make Money Arbitrage Betting

how to make money artbitrage

Today I’m going to show you how you can make money arbitrage betting. Typically betting used to involve the customer “backing” a bet with a bookmaker who would “lay” the bet. This means the bookmaker will then pay out if the customers wins or keep your stake if the bet loses. Betting exchanges change all […]