Value Favs Review

value favs review

Value Favs is a horse racing tipster on the Tipster Street platform. The service focuses on finding value bets on shorter priced horses. Because the service mainly focuses on favourites or 2nd favourites, the service manages to deliver a consistently high strike rate. Value Favs usually advises around 50 – 80 bets per month with […]

An Interview with Neil from Tipster Street


Tipster Street is one of the UK’s leading tipster platforms and it’s run by horse racing enthusiast Neil Stevens-Wood. I recently got a chance to interview Neil at Tipster Street and ask him a couple of prying questions. You can read the interview in full below: When and why did you first become interested in […]

The Professors Formula Tipster Street Review

the professors formula review

The Professors Formula is a horse racing tipster on the Tipster Street platform. According to the service creator “the formula” has been an on going project for many years. After a great deal of tweaking the Professors formula has been perfected and the selections have been made public. The Professors Formula is a fairly selective […]

Football Fever Review – Tipster Street

football fever review

Football Fever is a football tipster on the Tipster Street platform, which advises an average of 20 to 30 tips per month on a mixture of UK and international matches. At the time of writing, Football Fever has amassed a profit of 35.85 points profit to advised stakes since the service went live on Tipster […]

The Racing Angle – Tipster Street Review

the racing angle review

Update: After continuous poor results, The Racing Angle has been discontinued. The Racing Angle is a horse racing tipster service on the Tipster Street platform. The service sends out an email every morning between 9am and 11am advising any bets for the day. All selections are advised as either 2pt win bets or 1pt each […]