A Common Mistake Made When Picking A Tipster

Are you a price buyer? A price buyer is someone who’s sole concern is paying the lowest price possible without considering the quality of the product or service they are buying. When it comes to picking a tipster, a lot of people look for the tipsters charging the lowest prices. The range of prices tipsters […]

Big Betting Failures

Fence On Horse Racing Track

Does this situation sound familiar to you? Have you ever experimented with a new selection method? – Only for the results to be a complete and utter failure? If you have, you shouldn’t be off put by this. In fact, I’d like to congratulate you. Every failure you have is just another step closer to […]

What Odds Range Should You Bet At?

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The real profit from betting comes from sticking with a strategy that works for the long haul. So it makes sense to choose a strategy that is going to suit your temperament, otherwise you are likely to quit before you really get started. And by that I mean that if you can’t stand long losing […]

What Did You Expect?

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When some people sign up for a tipster service, I often find they have very unrealistic expectations of what sort of results are achievable. And I’ve noticed that they have these crazy expectations because they think they can get away betting with a small bankroll. (Sometimes 50 points or less) The size of bankroll you […]

What The Odds That Your Getting The Best Odds?

what are the odds of that?

I’ve just been looking at some statistics which revealed that 4 out 5 bets on horse racing are settled at starting price. If you’ve got a number of different betting accounts, and you aren’t placing your bets just before the off, it’s relatively easy to get better odds than the starting price, a lot of […]