Get Profitable Tips for Free

free tips

I have recently been reviewing the tipsters over at Betting Gods and have been very impressed with what I have found. Their tipsters are some of the best in the business, their customer service is second to none and they are completely transparent with the results each tipster achieves. Free Tips But did you know […]

How to Keep your Bookmaker Accounts Open

keep bookmaker accounts open

The first time it happens you feel proud. You think of it as a badge of honor. The second time it happens you laugh about. The third time and all the times after that, it’s just annoying. Of course I am talking about betting account restrictions. Have you ever had a betting account completely shut […]

Staking Plans to Avoid

staking plans

Following a sensible staking plan plays a very important part in being a successful gambler. It is essential that you avoid following a staking plan that is too aggressive. I often see it widely discussed that following certain staking plans will give you an edge. This is a completely false. I have even heard certain […]

A Clever Way to Lock in Profit


Ever considered following a tipster but decided not to, due to the inevitable up swings and down swings? Are you looking for something more reliable that you can consistently use to lock in profit, every single day? Well I have a clever strategy you can use to do just that. Tipsters My strategy involves following […]

Betting Gods

Betting gods

What do you look for before subscribing to a tipster service? A profitable tipster? With fully proofed results that you can view all the way back to when the service first launched? And all at an affordable price? Well at Betting Gods you will get all of this and more. Betting Gods is a website […]