About Winners Odds

Welcome to Winners Odds.  I’m Kenny Turnbull.

Let me introduce myself.

I’ve had an interest in betting, long before I was of legal age to place a bet.

It all started with me reading about the MIT blackjack team that took on the Vegas casino’s and won by counting cards.

From that moment on I made it my mission to know everything there was to know about card counting in blackjack.

However, it wasn’t long before my interest in blackjack waned and I turned my attention to poker for a short while, before finally settling on horse racing which has been my betting medium of choice ever since.

Like most bettors, I lacked any sort of structured approach to my betting, and was disappointed by the lack of information for those wishing to improve their betting.

But, it was at this point I realised that with a little adjusting, I could take the fundamentals I learned from studying blackjack, and playing poker, and use them to create a structured approach to betting on horse racing.

So that’s exactly what I did and that’s the same approach that I still use to make money from my betting to this day.

At Winners Odds, I share the approach I take to making money from betting throughout the hundreds of articles, while also reviewing various tipster services that I have used, and in some cases, still use.

You’ll find plenty of free betting information through the articles on this site, but the quickest way to get up to speed with my wicked ways and improve your betting would be to read my book, Intelligent Betting: A Fundamental Guide To Betting On Horse Racing. (Available In Paperback or Kindle)

Intelligent Betting  covers all the essentials you really need to know, (that very few bettors do know), before you should even place a bet.

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